Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Because while blowing off steam is well and good...

I don't want my pissy post to be the first thing I see when I come in. So really, there's no purpose to this post except to knock the other down a bit. I could delete, but I meant what I said when I said it, and... hey, whatever.

But now that I'm thinking of it...

I was a little bit disturbed at the phone call I got from my surgeon's assistant today. She called to ask if the cosmetic portion of the surgery was all we were doing on Thursday... and I'm like, Nooooooo, that's the secondary reason for my getting sliced up, thanks. I'm really more concerned with the whole "being-able-to-breathe" thing. And she quickly replied that in that case she would make sure to schedule that in.


Um. Surgery is THURSDAY. Shouldn't this have been scheduled weeks ago? Like when you called to confirm scheduling with me on May 3rd? Hmmm? The call I should have gotten today should have been from the scheduling people at the hospital to confirm my day, time, and procedure. Not reassuring. This better not get derailed. This week is really the only time I can do this this year. I'm not even sure if I will have health insurance as of August. And I have no idea how far I would have to travel in Vermont to get a similar set up. I'm guessing it would be farther than the 3 blocks I now live from the major medical center in the area... Just maybe. So maybe I should call back tomorrow and double check everything. I confess that I was so surprised by the nature of her call that I didn't clarify exactly what I am expecting to happen on Thursday. And the fact that she didn't seem to have any idea whether I had paid their $1500 or not rather unnerved me as well. Hmm.

Might be worth that call.

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