Friday, June 24, 2005


My high school AP US History teacher, Mr. Oskey, used to tell us how he met his wife and fifteen minutes into their first date proceeded to ask her to marry him. Six weeks later, they were hitched. Pure insanity, right? Well, maybe not. At the time of the telling, they had been married for over twenty years and had three children. The rush had to do with Mr. Oskey's pending overseas posting with the Army.

My parents were a more standard case, I think. Except for the 16 year (okay, 15 and a HALF) year age difference. They met in 1972 (my mom graduated from high school in 1971), married in 1974, and had me in 1976 and then my brother in 1978. After that, of course, their every 2 year life change schedule sort of broke down. Though they did move into our house in 1980. So let's just say that the 80s and 90s were a mess. Big time.

Jay and I met 4 years ago. Let's just say that we do not intend to wait 2 years to start having hairless monkeys of our own. Mostly because I'll be 30 next year and I don't want to be like my grandmother and keep having babies until I'm 46. (Mostly because I'd like a shot at knowing my own grandchildren, eh?)

This pace has suited me just fine. In fact, when I hear about some of our friends who have been together a lot less time than Jay and I, I tend to have the "what? didn't they just meet?" reaction. Some examples: one friend (female) still dating several people in May of 2003. By July of 2003 is functionally moved in with one of these boys. Six months later, they are engaged. Two months later: married. Crazy. Another friend (male): starts dating girl with newborn last spring. three months later she is pregnant again. They are married by February and now have a baby girl together as well as one that "came with". Seriously crazy.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jay was in a wedding in 2003 for a couple who had been together for 9 years, engaged for 7. They went to college togther but then their grad school plans didn't mesh, so they lived separately for several years. My understanding is they want to start trying for kids in the next year or so. So that's the other side of the extremes I've witnessed.

Experiences? Comments? Boredom?

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