Thursday, June 16, 2005

More highlights

And I am totally going in to work for a couple hours tomorrow, despite the phlegm gagging thing. So bored here at home. Eyes tired from reading both online and off... and I have only so much tolerance for tv. Need some human interaction.

So the antibotics have completely reduced my bowels to water. Dirty water. Sick sick sick. Sorry for sharing. I'm not going to take the final day's worth. I need my bacteria back, dammit.

The tattoo on my wrist would actually look even better if I had reddish-brown skin. The IV bruise on my hand has drifted.

Jay was in the room when the tubes were YANKED. from. my. NOSE. Though he was very definitely staring down at his meteorology notes, his comments afterwards were roughly: "Oh no, didn't want to see it. Tried very hard not to look. But then he pulled that thing out and you... LAUGHED." :shudder: :shudder:

So... the women in my family tend to laugh hysterically under the influence of moderate pain. It's when we go dead silent that you have to worry.

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