Friday, August 17, 2007

A few more tidbits

Inspection went very well. I highly recommend buying from a builder who doesn't like to be cold. Foundation solid, insulation good, no water damage, good electrical. The hot water heater and the furnace will need to replaced sooner rather than later, but we were expecting that. Mostly needs some cosmetic work - scraping, painting, caulking - deck needs to be bolted in on one side where it is pulling away from the house a little (like an inch) and the back corner of the garage/outbuilding has a bit of erosion that needs to be fixed. So now we're just waiting on the bank. Appraisal is scheduled for Monday.

And that's all for now, because I just came back from the eye doctor and my pupils are still pretty blown.

After we close in September, I'll put some pictures of the house on Flickr.


sue said...

More! More! Geez... you just trickle it out, don't ya? :)

Inari said...

Well said.