Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Made Peace

Came home to find another note from the LL - profuse apologies and telling us she'd like to come to an arrangement with us. I went over to talk with her because I desperately needed to not feel all stressed out all the time. Again, big apologies from her, hugs, congratulations on the house, encouraged me to stay until our closing (Sept 14th!) and offered to help us move when the time came.

She also explained a little better the source of her stress - her daughter's expecting her first baby (after a few miscarriages) in November - and admitted that she just freaked out and stopped listening and then completely overreacted by calling her lawyer.

I'm still a little less forgiving about the note she left for us yesterday morning, but I think I need to let it go.

Anyway... now we just need good news on the home inspection and from the bank. We meet with the bank tomorrow around noon. Wish us luck.


nita said...

good luck! i hope the place is awesome and has room for visitors!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I just caught up on your posts... what a psycho woman. I'm in shock.

Do you have pictures or a link to the house you're trying to get? If so, email them to me!


PS - Hug Jay for me.

kate said...

Nita - Yes - 3 bedrooms!

Kar - yes - just e'd you. will do.

sue said...

Can you say, bi-polar?
You know, I realize I'm getting older but the older I get the more I dislike old people. Does that make sense?

devan said...

Pre-excuse my tongue-in-cheek mysogeny, but bi-polar? Just sounds female to me.

Congrats on such a resoundingly positive resolution to all this week's dramatics. Glad to hear you're sleeping.

Awesome news about the house, I'd be keen to see it as well!

kate said...

Thanks all-

If the inspection and appraisal and financing all go through, I will post pictures of the house here.

I'd rather not start bashing people as a group based on age or sex or anything else. Not the person I want to be, if you know what I mean. Individuals who act like assholes are fair game, of course.

And as always, even joking misogyny is not cool. Please refrain.

nita said...

ha ha devan got in trouble. can i have devan's room?