Saturday, August 11, 2007


Home inspection scheduled for Wednesday. If that goes well, appraisal will be Friday.

I start the new job on August 20th. I will still be working at the LYS (that's Local Yarn Shop for you non-knitters) every other Saturday and teaching the occasional sock or lace class.

As for the job, I don't want to post too many details here, but it's basically a guidance counselor-type coach and coordinator for the at-risk first-year students. If they want to succeed, I help them find a way to do it.

Also, I deleted blog links for anyone who hadn't posted since March. If you visit here and notice your link is gone, that would be why. If you start posting again, please let me know, because obviously I liked your blogs enough to put up the link in the first place. There's still a few who haven't updated since May. If that's still the case in October, those will be cleared as well. I do like to remain mostly on top of stuff like that - otherwise I forget and click the link and get disappointed all over again.


sue said...

*looking* yup! Still there... *whew*

Sounds like a job you'll be well suited to. Good luck with all!

Karen said...

How'd the inspection go? Hopefully not too much work that needs to be done.

nita said...

i can't wait to see the house!!!!!!!!

nita said...

and! you'll be awesome at that job. yay you. and hi to jay :)