Monday, August 27, 2007

Yet another mini-update

Financing approved! We're now chained to a $150K, 30 year, 6% mortgage... or we will be officially next month. Just have to wait for the sellers to finish up the few repairs and inspections that we requested, and we'll be good to go.

I am really looking forward to having enough space for my books and my knitting stuff. Right now I live with stacked bags of yarn and leaning towers of books everywhere.

As a side note - for anyone who I am linked to via Facebook, I do want to keep the ties from here to there a one-way avenue. In others words, people who read the blog can be aware of that stuff, but I don't want the people I know only from the big F to mosey on over here. If they find me on their own, fabulous. And kudos, too, because I have tried Googling myself in a hundred different ways and I never turn up, which I consider a good thing.


Sue said...

I read ya loud and clear, gf. :)

Don't worry, you'll have all that room taken up in no time... and still have the books stacked and the yarn bagged. Speaking from experience here.

devan said...

The only advice I'd give you is that if (and likely when, usually in year 2) your property-taxes are increased to reflect the house's new purchase price, make sure to get that information to your mortgage company (if you're paying your taxes with a mortgage-escrow).

Elizabeth and I really got into a tight spot, when we ran out of escrow and had to spend a year paying 2x the difference to get caught back up.

kate said...

sue- Well, I figure I have about 10+ years until we reach stackage max again in the house.

dev- wow - that would really suck. It might suck more if I knew what mortgage-escrow meant in reference to our property tax. ;-) That will, no doubt, be cleared up during the closing. If not, I'll be sure to ask.

nita said...

so great! i love that you can actually buy a house up north for that much ... ours was waaaay more and no doubt MUCH less charming :) ikea is a short ride over the border and if you buy wood stuff, you don't have to pay duties!

kate said...


Good tip - I'm guessing that means Sherbrooke?

And the house cost a bit more than that, but between our savings and some parental intervention, we had a chunk o'cash for the downpayment.

Still - compared to housing costs even just a little south of us, we can get a lot of house for relatively little money. There are perks to being in the boonies.

Alex Roddie said...

You have Facebook now? Excellent! Please add me ....

Hope things are going well with you