Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Headcold just in time for my first day of work yesterday. So far, so good. Still in the set up phase, and it's hard to be productive when you're blowing your sore red nose every five minutes.

Mostly I'm reading all the information I need to be familiar with ASAP. Also signed up for Facebook. (Yes, finally! My sisters have been on me to do that for awhile.) So if I had an email addy from you, and you were in the Facebook network, you might have gotten tagged. Just say yes, okay? If you are on Facebook and are looking for me, I'm now there. I know you're excited - don't lie. Ha ha.

No new info on the house yet. I'll certainly update when I know more.


sue said...

Ooo... I'm on facebook. I rarely go on it tho', so will have to check it out. Hopefully you found me! :)

kate said...

I did not... not sure why not though. Different email perhaps?

sue said...

Hmm... do you search by name? I'm on as myself... Sue Snyder... or the email sesnyde at gmail dot com. Maybe that'll help? :)