Monday, August 04, 2003

And other things go BOOM

Things have been blowing up all over the place at the writing site I frequent. Forward Motion The site owner's blog, by the way, is the source for my upset over education commentary.

I'm not excited about the way things have turned out. I've been less and less active since Bryn and Jen left the site last year... mostly because I disagreed with Holly's responses to their posts and some assumptions that were made regarding off-site posts. However, I've been watching the site since Spring of 1999 when it existed as a series of articles written by Holly. It's gone through 3 incarnations of forums since then, with an ever-increasing number of members. AND, for all my discomfort with the way some situations and people have been handled, I have to admit that the site has stayed admirably true to its stated purpose: helping writers improve their writing.

So, other than this statement on my private blog, I am going to continue to keep my mouth shut and get what I can from the site and leave the rest by the wayside.

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