Monday, August 18, 2003


Gah! I finished all the things on my "to do" list today. (I don't actually write them down, mind you. Not That Uptight.) Got fingerprinted - again, turned in all the paperwork for subbing, did laundry, changed sheets, put away clean laundry. Perhaps not very exciting, but very necessary from the clean underwear perspective.

And I still have 15 minutes before I need to leave for work.

But what makes this truly amazing is that I only got 4 crappy hours of sleep last night. I just cannot fall asleep when Jay is out of town. AAaagghh! So yes, I expect to pass out about half way through my shift tonight.

I wonder what the warning label means by "excessive caffiene"? As in, excessive caffiene intake may result in seizures... hmm.

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