Friday, August 29, 2003

Marriage and the LDS Church

For those of you not versed in Utah-speak, the LDS Church = Mormons.

The other night at the Inn we had a woman come in with her younger son to set up one of the suites for a private dinner. She was totally excited because her older son was getting engaged. (I think she's jonesing for grandkids...)

So, a few hours later Older Son shows up. Older Son is 21 years old. 21!! WTF!! The fiancée-to-be is 19. 19!!! Aaaaghhh! The worst thing is, this is completely normal for LDSers. Do they not look around and see all the 26 year old divorcées with two kids and think... hmmm, maybe I shouldn't rush in to this marriage thing. But for them (speaking generally and from my own personal observations) not being married by the time they hit 25 carries some horrible stigma and psychological burden.

As they were leaving, I said to Jean-Louis (our chef, who spends so much time in the lobby I have to wonder who is really cooking...) "They can't get married, they're babies!" And he just gives me the Gaullic shrug and says, "Yes, but zey are LDS. You know how it iz."

I'm afraid I do. And color me cynical, but at least when the divorce rolls around, the little missus will get a hefty settlement because the boy is LOADED.

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