Friday, August 08, 2003

Frickin Ijits

Okay - I think thursday was an all time low (at least since moving here). First the antidepressant issue -- which was met with less than total support from the boy. Then I went to the eye doctor and the assistant chick who did the preliminary exam and put the drops in my eyes was less than good. She told me that I didn't have an astigmatism (which I do, and which is the reason I get prescription reading glasses) and that I should just get a pair of weak reading glasses at Fred Meyer instead. Then she put more eye drops in my right eye than my left. I get home and notice that my right eye vision is really blurry, look in the mirror... I look like a head injury case: my left pupil it almost back to normal but the right was completely blown. Trippy.

clarification: When I got to see the real opthamologist he checked my eyes, wrote out a prescription, and said, "Normally, I'd say you didn't need prescription lenses, but you have an astigmatism and that's probably the source of your headaches." This is why I don't listen to assistants.

So yeah, between the crying and the brutal eye drops, my head felt goooood. Or not.

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