Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Crazy Week

Yes, this is the week when all the things I have been putting off finally come due. Car registration - which I won't pass right now because my right turn signal doesn't blink and my A/C-defog-vent dial is frozen to A/C. A/C is not very helpful when your windshield is fogged over. Nope. At least I got the new windshield yesterday. Damn thing. Replaced it in March and a couple weeks ago I was driving up the interstate when a giant rock pinged off a truck's tires and onto the bottom driver's side corner... where it proceded to go for a little run... across my field of vision. Thank goodness I carry comprehensive insurance, let's just say.

I need to call in to the "subfinder" voicemail system and figure out how the heck it works so I can start subbing. Though I'm not too worried about it because, c'mon, what kind of teacher misses school in the first week?

And tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment of my favorite variety. blech.



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