Monday, August 18, 2003

Blogging after midnight... is this prudent?

I just realized that other than tonight at work, I haven't actually spoken to anyone since Friday. How does that happen? Oh yeah, that's right, I barely know anyone here.

Both of my friends who are my friends outside of the Jay-loop were moving this weekend. One into her boyfriend's apartment (after only 5 months of dating?!? Crazychild) and the other back up to Park City.

However, I did put the nonsocial time to good use. The apartment is shockingly clutter-free. And I've been rereading my manuscript for details - names, places, description, etc... and shuffling that all onto a spreadsheet. It's interesting the connections and twists that come to mind just looking at all the information. I finally figured out a connection that had been bothering me for a while (since I finished the first draft two years ago... two years, sigh) about how three characters knew each other from the past.

It's nice to feel my creativity start pumping again. Just think how much I could get done if I stopped reading for a couple weeks. (But that's too silly to think about - hah!)

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