Thursday, March 11, 2004

Nothing to say

Today, I have nothing interesting to say. However, since this doesn't stop most people from blogging, why should I let it slow me down? Heh heh.

Okay, I lied... retitle this post: #2 On the Speed Dial

So Jay and I have a long-running joke that's maybe not completely a joke, if you know what I mean. He is #2 on the speed dial of my cell, with #1 being preprogrammed as voicemail, while I am somewhat further down on his list.

So, in other words, when I got my cell phone about 2 years ago, the most important number for me was his. He got his cell phone a few months after I did, but the first number he thought to program in was his father's. So whenever Jay talks about his dad, I refer to him as "#2 on the speed dial" in a joke-sulky voice. *sniff sniff*.

Coincidentally, #2-on-the-Speed-Dial will be arriving on Saturday for a week long visit. Jay has been putting in ridiculous hours at work so he can take time off to hang out while #2's here. They're going out to the yurt in the Uintas for a two night overnight xcountry ski trip. Should be pretty cool.

And I guess I can't really complain, because Jay bought tickets for the two of us to go to the Barenaked Ladies concert on the 20th. Mwaah ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's right.

On second thought, the first title was probably accurate. Ah well.

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