Friday, March 12, 2004

Theeeeeeeeeees Close aka: another entry about (re)writing

I've been working on the rewrite of Revival since about September. Why has it taken me so long? Hmmm... NaNoWriMo got in the way and distracted me into writing 50K words on Retribution... and then there's this evil student teaching thing that I'm in the middle of right now.

I've been working with the printout of the original version - all 473 pages. Now, the rewrite is already more than 525 pages, and that's cool because it's a hell of a lot better with the additional subplots and continuation of subplots-started-and-then-forgotten-in-the-first-version as well.

But now I am down to the last 35 pages of the first draft... Yeah baby! I just might finish this sucker this weekend! Woo hoo!

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