Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Whirlwind Tour

This week I am not teaching. This week, my supervisor from the University has decided that I would get more out of traveling around the district and visiting with other French teachers.

Yesterday, this was fantastic. I loved this other teacher -- she has great ideas for classroom management and the atmosphere was just a lot more fun.

Today... I'm a little confused. I looked up the school I'm going to online, but they don't have a French teacher. When I asked my supervisor which teacher I would be seeing, he said he hadn't gotten a name. When I asked him what time the class started, he said, oh sometime about 1pm, I think.

Hmm. This might be more of an adventure than it needs to be. Ah well, we'll see what happens. I'm just glad to have the week off from student teaching hell.

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