Sunday, March 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's Kate Day here in Salt Lake City... the big, uh, Two Nine. Last of the twenties birthday... Hmm. But anyway, Jay and I drove down to Sundance nordic ski center and WOW, kickass trails there. Snow conditions just about perfect. Blue skies and sunshine. Barely anyone else on the 24km of trails. So perfect. I'm still jazzed. The distances aren't specifically marked on the trails, but we figure that I did about 12 miles and Jay probably came in around 16 miles. (We've learned not to try to ski together - especially when I'm on classic and he's doing skate skiing.)

My mum-who-loves-me called to wish me a happy bday and so did my Karlyn. Haven't heard from the rest of the family yet... but the day is young. Somewhat.

I did get a birthday card/check from my dad though. Guess who's buying dinner tonight? Yum! Now to scout of menus online to decide which lucky restaurant gets to serve me on Kate Day.

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