Tuesday, March 08, 2005

To My Parents: six things I'm grateful for

Okay, I realize that some of my recent posts have perhaps outlined the less savory aspects of my parents habits/personalities. Hence my thoughts in creating this list:

1. To both my parents for never making me doubt, even for an instant, how much they both love me.

2. And for instilling in me a love of reading and education and adventure.

3. Their generosity in providing the financial means to further that education and explore the world around me.

4. And especially for my brother and two sisters. What would I be without them?

5. To my dad for teaching me that punctuality and keeping your word are important. (As long as there is no alcohol involved...)

6. To my mom, for teaching me that laughter is a good subtitute for either tears or shouting. (Though it can occasionally lead to both when applied at just the wrong moment...)

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