Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"Scientifically" Proven

So Jay shows me some research he did last Fall... Evidently, faithless one that he is, that he needed some hard evidence that us getting married would be a good thing. He polled semi-random married (and unmarried?) people on their level of happiness with their partner and what level they had to remain above in order to have a happy marriage. (I may be off on the details, but this was the gist of it.) Broke the numbers down by sex. Women had to be about 81% happy, while men only needed to be happy 73% of the time in order to feel good about their marriage.

Jay, godlove'im, then collected the following data daily for sixty days: sex? yes/no; # hrs spent together; want to marry yes/no?; extenuating circumstances.

Have I mentioned that the boy has very little sense of tact, and absoutely no filter between his brain and his mouth? Most of the time, these are things I love about him, but nevertheless, it explains why he felt the need to disclose all this. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. There were histograms and line charts... so thorough... so Jay.

For the record, I made an 83% all around approval rating.

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