Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thoughts Jogged Loose

I just got back from the gym. Ran two consecutive miles for the first time ever. Not bad for a girl who could barely run a quarter mile at Christmas.

Some of the random thoughts my mind came up with to distract me from what I was doing to my body:

Everything I wrote the other day? Bullshit. I'm really just an egomaniacal bitch with dissociative tendencies. No really. One of my... acquantances in high school called me that once. Personally, I think she might have spent too much time reading her mother's shrink books, but clearly, she had a point. Or not.

I can't stand most reality shows, but the Real World Road Rules Challenges? Sick, but I love 'em. Talk about people wrapped up in their own drama... trying to be so introspective and just coming off like overgrown teenagers. Not unlike other people I could name... sigh.

And what the hell is wrong with people? Women and girls specifically. I followed a link from Wasted Birth Control to Girl Culture this morning on my daily blogwalk. Warped. Truly warped. Some of the other things she had to say about the sexualizing of preadolescents bugged the hell out of me... not because she's wrong. Because it's so obviously true. I only have to look around the school at my junior high students to see that.

However... maybe that explains why I can't find a fricking pair of pants that fits me these days. And why I have "small" tshirts that are seven years old that are larger than the "XL" ones I buy now. Same brand, by the way... And perhaps that explains why everyone I see looks like they are wearing clothes that are far too small for them. You know, the waist bulging, fabric stretching, capri-length, ass-crack displaying fashion that is so prevalent. Gak. And maybe that explains Modern Fit pants. Straight through the hip? Hello? Women's pants... straight through the hip? WTF? I tried on a pair, just for amusement purposes the other day. Ah ha ha ha ha. Fit great... except for the fact that the waistband was about five inches too wide on the pair that did fit in the hips and thighs. Hmmm. I wish that was a isolated experience, but that's what's been in the stores for the last few years. No wonder I'm starting to get desperate for new pants.

And finally... I hate music videos. 99% of them anyway. Especially rap videos. Holy exploitation, Batman. Does no one else realize how gross that is?

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