Saturday, May 28, 2005

Look at Me!Me! (or what I thought a meme was before I stood corrected)

According to Emerald/Matt, I am "it". So here it be. Apologies for any mistakes in author names or titles. I am just too damn indifferent to search my shelves/floor/tables/backpack for the accurate info.


No idea. After multiple moves in recent years, currently living in a city with a kickass public library, and being mostly broke for several years, my book buying/owning/transporting fetish has subsided. I'll buy it if I want to travel with it (aka: airplane reading), or if the waiting list at the library is over 100 and I don't feel like being patient, or if the library doesn't have it at all.

That said, I know there are easily 500 books in the house. Not looking forward to packing those. Might donate some of the paperbacks that I will never read again to the library - that's where most of their paperback collection has come from.


- Laurell K. Hamilton - A Stroke of Midnight... (yeah, so I enjoy kinky porn disguised as contemporary fantasy, sue me.)

- Lian Hearn - Grass for his Pillow (book 2 of the Otori series)

- Kelly Armstrong - Bitten, Taken, Dime Store Magic, and Industrial Magic. (The Library has not discovered her books yet and I didn't feel like waiting.)


- None. Though I will probably pick up Holly Lisle's new books when they come out, as well as Tamara Siler Jones's, Wen Spencer's, and Kelly Armstrong's.


- Age of Unreason trilogy by J. Gregory Keyes.
- The Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn
- Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
- Rough Justice by Lisa Scottoline


- Uh... I'm actually not sure how to fill this category. Everything I read has influenced me to some extent, but I've never been one to have idols or heroes, or even to think that if something worked for another writer that it would necessarily work for me, too. So the most honest answer I could give would either be: "every book I have ever read" or "no book in particular"

However, these three things immediately sprang to mind...

- Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Generally, I think OSC's an ass, but I love this book and have reread it dozens of times. Influential because... well, despite its flaws, I love the story and the problems and the brilliant quotable one-liners.

- Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books because they pretty much prove that if you tell a good story with interesting characters, you can break any other "rule" you want.

- The course listings at my alma mater. I had fun learning shtuff there... so many possibilities.


Since I'm not sure if I know anyone (who actually READS) who has not already done this, I will open it to my (small, but beloved) audience. Give it a go if you've got nothing else to write about. :grin:

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