Tuesday, May 27, 2003


So, still no word from the temp agency today about that interview last week. So I called them up and they told me that the position had been filled. Well, thanks for letting me know, eh? I asked if it were typical for them to have nothing for weeks on end. They said, Sometimes. It depends on your qualifications. My qualifications? I'm extremely competant with all the MS programs - Word, Excel, Powerpoint. I scored perfect on the filing and spelling. I type 52 words a minute. I'm equally proficient in numeric and alpha-numeric data entry... Jeez. No wonder they can't find anything for me.

Actually, I think it is the week in July that I will be out of town that is hurting me most. I think I may have to give up on the temp agencies and find something on my own. And I'm going to put my application in to the school districts. Right now.


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