Monday, May 12, 2003

Not as useless as one might think...

Reconnected with another old school friend today. isn't completely the waste of time that some might think. What's funny about it is that I was just thinking of her the other day... lounging on my sofa and flashed back to one night trying to squeeze four or five of us on the wrap-around couch in the living room at her house. That couch was way more comfortable than my futon, of course... but anyway. Must have been 9th grade I think. That year was the one that probably ended up keeping me as far away from cliques and partying in high school as anything else did. I just couldn't take the drama.

Alrighty. I am being harrassed to get my a** to the gym so I can get home and we can EAT!!! Can't mess with a hungry belly, you know. hah!

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