Thursday, May 29, 2003

There are days

I'm not mentally ill, I'm just moody. According to my mother, that is. Lately I've been especially moody. Poor Jay. We've started joking about my evil twin. At least we're joking. Considering that I'm working on month two of not working at all, I think I'm fairly stable. I was even polite to the Jehovah's Witnesses who came to my door this morning... me with my hair uncombed, wearing my Squatter's Ale t-shirt, boxers, and leopard print slippers. Not to mention the giant zit between my eyebrows. Yeah, I'm sexy.

I put in another job application for an office assistant position at the U of U with the history department. Full time, presumably intelligent people to work around, discounts on tuition. I can see many benefits to the deal. Hopefully I'll hear something on that soon - they're supposed to contact applicants within 3 days to set up an interview.

In any case - time to get off my posterior and get moving for the day. And thank you to Nobby for the pep talk - I think I needed it.

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