Saturday, September 11, 2004

flatlining.... wait, no, there's a blip!

Hmm. I signed on to write another post and my mind has gone completely blank. I'm pretty sure I had something to say when I opened the field, but it's absolutely gone. Gah. Give me a minute.


Oh, so yesterday afternoon I came home after one of the most useless faculty meetings you can imagine, at which many people were pissed off and very little was accomplished outside of the pissing off. I'd left the house at 7am and I got home around 4pm. During this time, I'd eaten 3 cookies and had a bottle of water. I ran out of water right before the staff meeting and the school is uncomfortably warm in the afternoon, so dehydration had sucked the last of the moisture from my eyeballs which have been burning since Wednesday night. So I was, shall we say, a wee bit cranky when I got home. I don't remember what Jay said as I came in. I only remember saying "Fuck off" and diving onto the bed. Don't remember anything else until two hours later when the boy was rubbing my back in an attempt to wake me up for the Meteorology department picnic.

I must say that the latest crop of grad students is both more diverse and more lively than previous years. There was not only frisbee flying around, but croquet (for the tired people), and volleyball. I, of course, played none of the above, though I put in observation time at croquet and volleyball. I just scoped out a nice patch of grass and nibbled on baby toes. Baby Alex has a very cute giggle and is easily amused. Good qualities in an ankle-biter.

The eyes are still burning this morning...or uh, I guess it's afternoon now, eh? I think I have eyedrops around here somewhere. Perhaps I should go find those before I scrape my corneas on my sandpaper eyelids. Just maybe.

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