Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Temperature down, Mood up

Ah. Cooling down finally. We don't need to run two fans and two swamp coolers to make the room habitable. I cna even wear - gasp - a sweater. Which is a good thing, because most of my teacher-like wardrobe involves a sweater of some kind. It's also nice because the kids seem a little more lively and a lot less cranky now that it's not 95 F in the room.

Stress-level is dropping in regard to the Reading Fundamentals class. Turns out I was mostly doing the right stuff, just needed to add a few things and tweak the rest. I'm optimistic.

I am glad I checked my online schedule - the one I post for my kids, that is. I scheduled a quiz for tomorrow. But I haven't written the quiz yet. Oops. I did write the practice quiz and worksheets, so all I need to do is tweak those and I'll be all set. But that could have been ugly.

We also recently benefitted from Jay's advisor's peach tree harvest. The man doesn't like peaches, so he lets the grad students help themselves every year. We made 3 dozen peach and walnut muffins and a big peach cobbler. Yum.

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