Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Flames of Rage

So. Every time I think that there couldn't be another way to dick me around with the whole teaching thing, I'm proven wrong. I got my second paycheck today and it is the same as the first. Okay, that sounds normal, you say. But no. See, the first paycheck was supposed to be for 2.5 weeks. This one was supposed to be for the whole month. But what they do instead of actually paying me for the time worked, they divide my total contract by 12 months and pay me like that.

Why this is a problem: I'm only hired for 5 months. So I won't see that huge fucking chunk of the money they owe me until FEBRUARY!! Six weeks after my contract ends. This is FUCKED UP.

What it means: instead of making $2000/month as I should be, my paychecks are for $1675/month. Yes, that means that I will be getting roughly a double paycheck at the end and according to the payroll lady, THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS CLUSTER FUCK. To put this in perspective, that $325 extra is my rent payment.

So unamused. Verging on bitter even.

This isn't funny anymore.

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