Saturday, October 09, 2004

Laziness abounds

Bit of a nothing week. School had its ups and downs - mostly in the form of students not making up work they needed to make up. Drives me nuts. One student failed a quiz (4 out of 16 pts) and I told him he could retake it as a multiple choice quiz ONLINE. Has he done so? Nope. He has a learning disability that makes it very hard for him to write his thoughts out longhand. So the second quiz I gave, I told him he could take it directly off the computer if he wanted, and that if he wanted, he could have an extra day to study. He accepted the extra day but has yet to take the quiz. Three weeks have passed, he's lost his chance. I just want to shake his smug little face right off his fat little shoulders. It's like he's using his status as learning disabled as an excuse not to do any work. Gah.

Also, on the day I gave a quiz, 6 students were absent. I almost postponed the quiz because getting these kids to make stuff up is near impossible. However, I thought that would set a poor precedent... they have to learn to take responsibility. As much as I'd prefer that they not fail, I'm not doing them any favors by enabling them to do crappy work and not be punished for it.

*putting on my stern teacher face*

Grrr. Do your work!

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