Sunday, October 03, 2004

Mulling over the options


I'm getting a little fed up with Utah. Maybe it's just that it's an election year, maybe it's that I'm getting a close up look at the education issues, maybe it's that 62% of people polled in Utah think that banning same sex marriages AND anything other non-marriage relationship that formerly held marriage-like rights (read common-law marriage) is a GOOD IDEA!! WTF, people? How totally short-sighted can you be? How narrow-minded?


Jay has another year here to finish with the PhD. I could stick around for that without too much trouble, I guess. Maybe I'm a little irked still at the "but how do you know?" and "I don't want to get married" discussions of the past few years. I understand that he's got his hands full with not only the PhD work, but his commitment to the educational outreach required by his fellowship and volunteer work with the upcoming science center, AND other little departmental duties. However, just because I understand, doesn't mean I feel good about being stuffed into a holding pattern for the last few years. (I don't think this should be news to you, sweetie.) (Yes, Jay reads the site fairly regularly.)

So I've been thinking about getting out and away from here. There's a language teaching assistantship organized through the French Embassy which places between 1000-2000 foreigners in French schools to act as language assistants in their native language. The pay is minimal - about 800 Euros a month take home pay - but should be enough to live on, if frugally. The assistantship is open to people ages 20-30 who have had at least 3 semesters of college French and who have a working knowledge of French language and culture. I'm not even sure what my chances of getting it would be. It's a seven month posting and would start next October 1st. Application deadline is December 1st, 2004.

One way or another I need to decide soon so I can start getting the materials together... like recommendation letters.

I keep swinging back and forth on the subject. Last night I was totally excited about it. Today, much less so...


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