Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Some day I will be able to have only ONE job.

However, that day has evidently not yet come. I also got to "reregister" for insurance benefits. They've reorganized them this year and the upshot of it is that I don't get benefits as a .67 fulltime employee. Or rather, I do, but what I would have to pay for them is more than I pay for the insurance I bought on my own last year. Unamused here.

So my friend Cody called me up a little while ago about coming to work for him back in Park City part time and on-call at one of the condo/resort front desks. We worked together at the Hirsch until I quit, and he got the manager's position at this other place. Well anyway. Long story short, I said yes, was planning on changing my mind because of the commute, then got the real story on what I'm being paid (or not being paid) as a teacher, and realized that I needed to take him up on the offer.


I looked for something closer to home, but the job market is grim right now. Unless you are a cook, a housekeeper, or are looking for full time work. I think I need to look more seriously into tutoring.

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