Thursday, October 21, 2004

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh and I love my dad, but I don't love my dad

That's the sound of my days flying by. I'm still a little puzzled as to how it can be the 21st of October when I'm still spinning from September. NaNo's rushing up at me, and this year, instead of being on unemployment from my seasonal job at the resort, I'm working the most time and labor intensive position I've ever had. Of course, last year I finished in only 20 writing days... so maybe I'll be able to make it again this year using all 30.

I talked to myKarlyn over the weekend. I've asked for her confirmation and clarification on the "peneth" thing, so hopefully she'll find a few minutes to leave a comment in the next week or so. She was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary as a disgustingly cute couple. No, they're not disgusting. Well, I guess they might be. I've never actually met John... I've seen the pictures though, and DAMN that boy is big. Linebacker big, not "too many Biggie Size Fries" big. And he looks like a taller, younger version of my dad. Creepy. Personally, I've never been attracted to men who look like my father. But maybe that's just me, eh? To be honest, I used to be attracted to men with my father's "alcoholic in denial" tendencies, but I figured out after a while that that's simply no fun. Aaaaaaaand, while we're being honest, I guess Jay has that "responsible sciencey guy who needs to control everything in his life" thing going on, similar to my dad. But since those are a combination of my dad's most attractive and least offensive (to me) qualities, I think that's okay.

On a scarier note, I think I might be becoming my dad. I've gone to bed every night this week at 9:30pm and gotten up around 6am, to leave the house before 7am. I never believed my dad when he said that he used to be a night person before he had to work a regular job. Now I think I might be getting the picture. And the picture is dark. Oh dark hundred hours, that is. Sigh.

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