Thursday, October 10, 2002

Aaaarrgh. Okay - Good News/Bad News time.

Good News? Writing related: I figured out what direction to take this next scene in my dreaded middle of HG. Added tension, advanced plot - more showing, less telling. All in all, I'm satisfied.

Bad News? Car related: the fuse was not the cause of my hazard lights being out. I replaced the fuse but still... no flashing lights when I push the button in. Phoooey. Phoooey. Phooey. If I don't get this working by Friday, I'm going to have to pay the inspection fee all over again. My car registration expired while I was on vacation and now it's been almost 6 weeks because of my stupid stupid hazard lights.

Aaaaaargh. I might as well go to bed. Tomorrow's going to be another long day.

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