Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Evil Insomnia Conspiracies: So, after four days off in the row (I have floating weekends at my job), and perhaps not going to bed early -- unless you consider 2am early rather than late -- I had a wee bit of trouble falling asleep last night. I think I dozed off around 12:30am or so. At 1:15am, I hear pounding on the apartment door next to mine. Door pounding and doorbell ringing. The little old lady who lives next door is mostly deaf, so I didn't think a lot of it, merely cursed and stuck my head under the pillow. Eventually, I hear pounding on other doors in the hall... including my own. Then I hear the call "Fire Department!". Crap. Just what I was hoping, eh? I grabbed my jeans off the floor because I couldn't find my robe and tripped across the living room to my front door trying to put the darn things on. I get to the door, unlock it, open it -- most of the other residents are standing around in the hall in robes and/or pyjamas looking confused. Frabulous. The fireman asks if I've left my stove on or have anything against a lamp or heater. I don't. He explains that they got a call about smoke in the building -- and I can smell it at that point -- but that no one's smoke alarm has gone off yet so they can't pinpoint it. I shake my head or nod at the appropriate questions and ask if I can go back to bed. They say okay, I return to the bed that sleep forgot. Still wearing my jeans, just in case. They stayed around talking and banging on doors until around 3am -- they might have been there longer, but that's when I feel asleep.

Did I mention that I had to work this morning at 7am? Yeah. Yeah, that was fun. But my car is fixed and all else is trivial, I suppose.

PLUS - as a karmic kickback to make up for this weekend - my friend the Furry Italian Boy is making dinner to go along with the magnificent bottle of Chianti Classico (Ruffino Riserva Ducale, Gold Label -- yummmmm) that I bought him for his birthday last month. I think it's just going to be me and Monkeyboy and FIB's roommate. Oh yeah.

Now, if I'm lucky, this will post without a problem. If not... I made a copy to repost later. I learn from my mistakes. heh.

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