Monday, October 14, 2002

Allergies: Another battle I seem to be losing these days. News guys say the sage and mold allergens are high now -- after my attempted hike today, I believe them. Almost had a panic-attack level asthma episode in the first fifteen minutes of hiking. Got it under control and managed not to die on the rest of the walk. That's all it really was, honestly: a walk in the Wasatch. At least Monkeyboy is getting used to them so he doesn't worry quite as much. I really freaked him out last year skiing in the Uintas.

As my reward for hiking with him, the boy fixed me up some tomazukibean soup. Yummy tomato soup with chunks of zuchini and both pinto and black beans, with some rigatoni thrown in for good measure. Oh - and fresh tea. Chamomile and bunch of other stuff. I don't keep track -- it's the boy's hobby, not mine. Mind you, I enjoy drinking it, I'm just too lazy to make it myself. Especially with all the tasty bagged teas they make these days.

READING: Read one of my library books and am most of the way through another. I'm also reading Cause of Death: a writer's guide to death, murder, & forensic medicine. That's the one I read when I can't sleep. Strange but true. I find the whole Writer's Digest series very interesting, but they lull me right to sleep every time.

WRITING: Again, the writing should probably also be listed under reading, because all I did was read over the scene I wrote last time. I think I need to sleep on it before I can push forward again. Other than that, I put my two cents here and I ftp'd some jpgs to my files so images should be arriving soon! That, uh, sort of counts as writing, right? Write?

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