Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The search is on! Did our first night of apartment hunting this evening. Jay made all the calls - because I suck at calling people (I get nervous and forget to ask important questions) - and we drove around looking at potential sites, had appointments to look at two of them, and got a call back about a place we liked the look of.

So Friday we'll know what it looks like on the inside. It's a 2 bedroom apartment on the first floor of a house in a good neighborhood for only $550/month if we (if Jay) decides he wants to mow/rake/shovel snow. Which he will because he's like that. Not cheap, I mean, but liking yardwork. I dunno - seems odd to me, too.

Anyway, what with school having started and until I find a place to live these next two weeks might be sparse on updates. I'll do my best though. More for my sake than anyone who might be reading, of course.

Bedtime for me. I can't believe I'm going to bed on time. I am so becoming a responsible adult. Help.

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