Friday, October 18, 2002

The neverending drama that is my job: So, in the last three days we've experienced a bit of a turnaround at work. A turnaround as in -- The Rats are Abandoning the Ship. We've lost two of six front desk clerks; 2 fulltime clerks have dropped to parttime; and one PBX operator resigned. I hear that our Director of Security has also resigned and my boss says that he does not expect to be here past the end of November -- if that long. Frabulous. If he leaves, I'm really not going to want to be there, because my counterpart is sure to be promoted into the position. And we just won't go into what I think of him, eh?

On the good news front: I turned in my written notice to the apartment management today. I will not be renewing my lease in this den of Smoking Russians. Oh, there's a couple Mexican families and two little old ladies, but the building has become the personal playground to a very large Russian family -- they have 6 of the 12 apartments on my floor now -- and all of them are heavy smokers. Gag-alicious -- cough cough. Can't wait to move out.

WRITING: I'm in a definite slump. I did get my three library books read in record time, though. I think my terror at starting grad school has frozen my creative juices. I must thaw them soon or I will lose all momentum. Notsogood.

Aaaahhhhh YAWN. It is so time for bed. How did it get so late? I suppose that's what happens when I don't leave work until midnight.

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