Saturday, October 19, 2002

Early is bad: I got home at 12:45am last night, got back up at 4:25am to drive MB to the airport. Got back to my bed at 5:10am. Unfortunately, it takes way too long for me to fall back to sleep so I was laying in bed for about an hour. Just wrong, just wrong, I tell you.

However, I talked to the parental units and we've agreed on a loan schedule for my masters degree stuff, so that's one less thing I have to worry about. Yay!

Now if only I could settle things at work, I'd be ecstatic. Right. In the meantime, I'm job hunting. Notice a lack of faith in my employment situation here? My problem is that while I do enjoy what I'm doing most days, there are days of sheer hell and unnecessary anguish. I don't trust the other department heads anymore. I certainly don't trust the company to pay me what I'm worth. And with the whole bonus or no bonus guessing game, I'm just tired to playing along with these people. I'm worth more and I intend to get it. Of course, that's a lot of what my going back to school is about: finding a career I love instead of a job I can live with.

Somehow just thinking about this all makes me want to crawl back in bed for a nap.

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