Friday, October 18, 2002

Hmm.. So, I decided to check my blog at work, just to see how it looked on a different browser. Either the computer monitors at work SUCK -- everything is greenish and dark -- or my Mac is just more eye-friendly. I'll have to check Monkeyboy's computer to see if it's dark on that one, too. I hope not because most of my friends have PC's (sillies). I would like to be able to share pictures with the people I never see in person anymore.

We shall see.

Speaking of MB, I'll be getting up at 4am to drive him to the airport. He's headed back to New Jersey for a combined 50th Birthday Party for his mom and a Bon Voyage party for his brother who's moving to Hawaii. I'm stuck here with work. Of course. Can't complain really though -- I did take off a combined total of 5 weeks this summer.

Alrighty - I'm stealing work time here (not that we have anything to do) so I should cut myself off now before I really get going.

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