Saturday, October 12, 2002

Today was LAUNDRY DAY. This particular one merits the capital letters because I am wearing my very last pair of clean underwear right now. And not the good ones either - you know, the pairs of underwear you only wear when you've put off laundry so long that you're not even sure the laundry basket is still under the mountainous heap in the corner? Yeah -- buttfloss, that's what I'm talking about. Don't even know why I have any at all. I think it was the product of a shopping trip with my younger sister. She's all about style. Me? I'm more into comfort. Cotton and stretchy fabrics, not scratchy lace or stringy nonsense. Anyway, enough about my undergarments.

Besides the all important cleaning of the clothes, I also resolved part of my financial worries regarding tuition. I'm filling out the financial aid packet, of course, but that won't kick in for 60-90 days, so I'll have to pay the first class costs out of pocket. My pockets are pretty empty right now and they won't be filling up again until I get my vehicle issues resolved. But my parental units stepped up and offered to pay for the first class. Yay! I love my parents. Granted, we get along much better now that I live 2000 miles away from them, but we all have love for each other. I'm pretty lucky with my family. At least now. When I was in high school? Different story altogether.

Alrighty - I'm keeping monkeyboy waiting, so I should go. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be adding more links to the page. Possibly even getting some pictures up. Oooh Aaaahh. The excitement. ;-)

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