Saturday, October 12, 2002

ONGOING CAR BATTLES: I'm losing. Yes, I just returned from my two mile walk back from the garage where the nice tow-truck driver dropped me and my attention-needing car this afternoon. Tried to start the darn thing this morning before Monkeyboy left for school/work -- no dice. The battery juiced itself out -- nice puddle of battery acid underneath it. Well, at least I can get my hazard lights fixed at the same time. And it really was the perfect day to walk home -- cool and sunny, leaves changing colors, downhill the whole way. I'm supposed to get the car back on Monday afternoon, so really, it couldn't have happened at a better time. I'll just keep repeating that to myself when I'm doing my weekend errands on foot, eh?

WRITING: I confess, I haven't gotten a lot done in the last couple days. I've been having too much fun figuring out HTML and webpage building. I found a nice little book at the library that has pictures! So important for someone -- like myself -- who has no idea what half the terminology means. Maybe I can get MB to send me some pictures so I can spiff up the place here. Of course, we do have the PC to Mac compatibility problems -- exacerbated by the fact that I desperately need to upgrade my system.

READING: Ahh ha ha ha ha! I have a lovely stack of library books waiting for me. One book of short stories and two novels. I am trying to limit my book purchases again. I did cave in and buy S.L. Viehl's new one Eternity Row and also one by Laurell K. Hamilton -- Narcissus in Chains. But those are special cases -- I NEEDED them. Everything else must come from the library. At least until I have moved aparments in December... then maybe I'll let myself pick up a few more for Christmas.

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